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I see this time as a wake up call for humanity to understand our global interconnectedness. Our actions do have an impact on ourselves, on eachother and on the environment. We are forced to slow down and look inward. Our choices from the food we eat to the products we choose impact ourselves and our world

I see this time as an opportunity to align with our innate capacity to heal, to boost our own immune system, to root and ground, to spend time understanding ourselves. This is the time to invite sacred ingredients into our lives for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Product Recommendations
I have been staying abreast on all the current research regarding botanical and nutraceutical support for COVID-19 Immune Support.

Here are the winners based on the research:
Trusted Brands

A few of my favorite things for self care and optimal health

  • Fullscript
    Fullscript is great and really easy to use.10% off all products and free shipping over $49. I made a COVID-19 Botanical and Nutraceutical list so it is easy to find the recommended supplements
  • Biomat
    We absolutely love our Biomat & are on it every day. Since the virus is unstable at high heat, it is empowering to get on it everyday. We have the Bioacoustic Mat under the Biomat sending vibroacoustic healing sound through the heated crystals.
  • Young Living
    Favorite Immune Support for COVID-19:Thieves Essential Oil, Inner Defense, Immunopro, Ningxia red, Thieves hand soap, Thieves hand sanitizer
  • Designs for Health
    Checkout code: drdan
    Excellent products. I have been using their products effectively with patients for 15 years and they have been leading the supplement industry since 1989.
  • Metagenics
    Checkout code: drdan
    30 years of super high quality supplements with lots of money spent on quality control with consistency.I have been using these products with patients for 20 years.
  • check out code: plantmedicineI really like the Apothecherry and take it at night for sleep which is high in melatonin. I love having the Powershake and the L.O.V. especially in this time so I know that I am stocked up on super healthy greens and vegan protein in powdered form.
    Our children still have trouble swallowing pills so a liquid is best. Our answer Purium Immune ShieldAll Organic: Echinacea angustifolia root,Echinacea purpurea root,astragalus root, elderberry fruit, licorice root, amla fruit and shiitake
  • Collagen by Modere
    Referral Code: 0471933
    Type 2 Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid in the most bioavailable form I have been able to find. Incredible for lubricating joints, hair, nails, teeth, skin and looking younger.
  • Wellevate
    Another excellent way to get professional grade supplements is through Wellevate.They offer 10% off and free shipping over $49

Sleep Support
Favorite Products

Consider a few of my favorite tried and true products for supporting your Sleep

Gut Health
Favorite Products

Consider a few of my favorite tried and true products for supporting your microbiome and your Gut Brain Axis

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