Ebb and Flow is the natural order of the Universe.  Change is the only constant we can count on.  The balance between stillness and movement, between inhale and exhale, between life and death.  We arrive from Source and we return to Source.  This is our Destiny.  Make peace with this and we can more easily understand and surrender into the beauty and richness of life itself.  

-Daniel Dinenberg, MD, ABIHM, ABoIM

About Dr Dan


My healing insights come from my experience and training, thoughtfulness and care. My holistic perspective has not developed overnight but as a continually evolving practice rooted in science and evidence based literature and expressed through human connection and heart centered healing.


I find myself as an ecosystem biologist fascinated by the interplay of multiple systems within the human body and our interaction with our environment. I have gained enough understanding to create solutions that shift systems towards healing. I live at the intersection of functional medicine, lifestyle medicine, regenerative design and shamanism.


Each of us has the capacity to heal ourselves. Let us work together to find practical solutions to re-balance, cure and restore your energy, vitality, joy and overall health. Make the decision to find out what is actually at the root of your imbalances and shift towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing today. You are worth it.


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