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Who? Me as your Physician Guide...

What do I bring to every patient as Physician Guide?
A Bridge between Holistic Health and Design found in our Relationship and Heart Connection. I practice Precision Medicine to help you articulate and meet your specific health goals with Creativity, Continuity, Inquiry, Curiosity, Emotional Accessability, Trust and Expertise. I focus on your unique epigenetics, lifestyle and goals to create a plan and help you succeed.

What? The current issues...
There are fundamental problems with modern allopathic medicine: Perverse incentive structures are still reducing human beings into diagnostic labels allowing easier billing with focus on pharmaceuticals, Rampant reductionism and not understanding root cause creates more confusion and medical expeditures without improving health outcomes. Difficulty accessing the MD when you actually need advice, lack of continuity and lack of trust between patient and Physician removes health and care entirely.

Why Now?
It is an intense time in history where there is so much information and misinformation that it becomes more important than ever to have a trusted guide.
The current health landscape is dynamic and complex and confusing. My first hand knowledge and experience that shifting perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, mindset and emotions change outcomes.The human body is nature and nature has an innate capacity to heal itself.Humans are a tribal species and healing is relational work. Healing humans requires mirroring and reflection so we can understand where we are and co-create where we want to be.

When? Now is the Time...
Dr Dan as Physician Guide is Next Level Medicine
Dr Dan is a pioneer and visionary who already succeeded in creating a membership-based, human-centered, technology-powered primary care model that has transformed US healthcare over the last 13 years. Why the need to Pivot?:
This type of relationship in Medicine allows the highest caliber of care, thoughtfulness and expertise from someone who really knows you.  Most have never felt the true support of a Physician Guide. At the end of the day it is more fun to have fewer clients that I care deeply for and facilitate real lasting health changes. I am so grateful that I get to do this work.

I was connecting via telemedicine before the Pandemic. It is an amazing, intimate space in which to meet eye to eye over video and co-create health. My strength has always been my bed side manner. I am personable, charismatic and I lead with heart. I never thought I would want to connect over a video but there is connection and respect showing up right on time for one another and getting to spend as much time as we need without interruptions or the commute or wait in the Physician's office

How does this work?
I have created a very simple engagement model based in full transparency. My clients pay me monthly based on the level of engagement that we create. I work outside of insurance but will support clients by submitting superbills for potential reimbursement. I use HIPAA compliant telemedicine platforms and insular SMS messaging and provide complete access directly to me which provides efficient care.
My Approach
Ultimately, you are the expert in you.

True holistic healing requires relationships and inquiry to better understand your own health in an effort to define health goals and to achieve success.

Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is dynamic and complex and you need an expert to help you understand how to most effectively engage in your own healing and which levers to push for the greatest rewards.

After 15 years of primary care and as a 3rd generation Physician on my maternal and paternal side, I have created the next level medical experience based on everything that I have learned and everything that I would want in a Doctor/Patient relationship.

I was one of the very first Physicians at One Medical group. I was on the cutting edge of healthcare 13 years ago completely redesigning the patient experience and still am today.

During this time, I designed curriculum and training around mental, emotional and metabolic health and launched and scaled transformational group medical visits. During this time I also led keynotes and facilitated powerful workshops at dozens of prominent companies around the Bay Area. I still create curriculum today teaching other Physicians how to engage their patients and lead with Heart.

I bring everything I have learned to create and support each and every client on their personal health journeys.

Core Tenets
Dr Dan has created next level medicine designed completely around the Doctor-Patient relationship. You are supported and navigated through your personal health by Dr Dan through his creativity, continuity, curiosity, accessability and trust. If you have ever dealt with the modern medical establishment you will understand that access to this type of service is Everything.

Enterprise Curriculum Design
I am fascinated by the most effective way to share curriculum to different audiences and I have developed expertise in content delivery. These are just some of the companies for whom I have personally designed wellness curriculum, led meditations and given presentations.